About us

Design studio MUNA

Design studio Muna is an Estonian company whose main activities include creating clothing and interior design elements personalised using silkscreen printing. Our purpose is to create products that make you feel like a part of a small and exclusive club of Estonian design lovers. Muna values the environmental sustainability of the production process, the skin- and human-friendliness of the products and the connection between the designer and consumer. 

MUNA (“egg” in Estonian) symbolises the perfection of life. It is a symbol that represents the best of form, function and importance. These are the values we focus on when designing and choosing materials for our products.   

Muna’s team consists of three members (and a whole bunch of helpers): Liisi, Andres and Johanna Kukk. Liisi and Andres participated in Tartu Centre for Creative Industries’ incubation program during the beginning of the brand where they got the initial experience and knowledge of creating and developing a brand.  

The combination of our skills, personalities, interests and experiences have made humorous characters, unisex designs, nature friendliness, skin-friendliness and playfulness the keywords of Muna.  

The Team

Liisi Kukk

The author of Muna’s humorous animals is our designer and artist Liisi, who has graduated from Tartu Art College where she studied painting and complemented her studies in Sicily in the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania. She is now acquiring a master’s degree in the field of Art Therapies. As an artist, Liisi has participated in several personal and group exhibitions since 2010. Liisi hand-draws all of the characters to be printed on our clothes and paints all the nursery paintings to be printed on plywood. She also has the final say in colour choices of Muna’s products. The wish to create pictures for children and the child-minded arose especially strongly once she became a mother. We promise Muna’s products are not tested on animals, yet they are tested on babies. 

Johanna Kukk

Johanna graduated from Tallinn University of Applied Sciences in the speciality of Technical Design and Technology of Clothing in 2015, where she wrote her final thesis on the Development of Baby Clothes. She recently graduated from the University of Borås where she did her master’s in Textile and Fashion Management where her thesis topic was “Corporate Social Responsibility in the Estonian Textile and Clothing Industry”. Her responsibilities in Muna include management and marketing. Johanna is the most awesome creator of charts. Sometimes her charts become so spectacular that they deserve the name of conceptual piece of art. Additionally, Johanna is well acquainted with different materials and her goal is to direct our activities so that we are as environmentally sustainable and socially responsible as we can be.

Andres Kukk

Muna’s graphic identity and author of our animals’ stories is Andres. He has a master’s degree from the University of Tartu in Sociology and has complemented his education with learning about photography and graphic design. He is a versatile man with a wide spectrum of interests and if Muna’s operations require a new skill or idea, it is highly likely (statistical significance p=0,05) that Andres can provide those. He has the steadiest hand for printing, the clearest mind for accounting and the sharpest pen for writing creative stories.