Blackboard/Picture "Mole"

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Pierre the mole is the detective of the forest. Wherever he is, mystical things start happening: mysterious robbers, men in black, chains clanking in basements and so on. Pierre became the detective because of his funny appearance, of course – his short legs, big belly and old-fashioned round glasses.  

You have to have a bit given by nature as well.  

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Design studio Muna's nursery pictures are printed on plywood. On the backside of the picture you'll find a blackboard to draw on with chalk.

We suggest you hang the picture at a suitable height for the child enabling to draw on the blackboard and conversing with their new roommate. 

Muna's nursery pictures help make the nursery the cosiest place in your home. The amusing and friendly character makes for a new friend to play with during the day and safely fall asleep next to at night. 

(340x481 mm; print on plywood; blackboard on the backside)


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0,6 cm
Plywood, blackboard dye, acrylic dye, digital print
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